dusan stojkovic

Dusan Stojkovic

Dusan has represented the leading world companies (Google Inc. among others) particularly in high profile cases related to media law and protection of intellectual property in Serbia, Montenegro and region. He has represented clients in front of courts in Montenegro and in front of European Court of human rights. Dusan became a partner in Stojkovic & Prekajski Law Office in 2010. He as well was a member of many work groups and he was working on a drafts of Serbian’s laws, for example: Media Law, Advertising Law, Electronic Communications Law.
Also, Dusan was the head of the work group of the National Information Technology and Internet Agency which drew up the regulations for introducing a new system of domain names allocation, and he is member of arbitration board in the first dispute in Serbia related to the registration of .rs domain. Dusan is a guest-lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, the Media Law and Internet Law and he attended the first Media Law Advocates Training Programme in Oxford, the Great Britain.