tea gorjanc prelevic

Tea Gorjanc Prelevic

Ms Prelevic is a lawyer by profession and has been Executive Director of the organisation Human Rights Action (HRA) in Podgorica since March 2010. Prior to this she was an associate of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (1996-2000), the first Director of the Centre for Training of Judges in the Republic of Montenegro (2000-2004), HRA program director and associate with the Prelevic Law Firm (2004-2010). HRA focuses on freedom of expression, lobbying for improvement of human rights legislation and independence of judiciary. HRA has been intensively advocating for the respect for freedom of expression at the level of minimum European standards in Montenegro, as well as, for the decriminalisation of defamation and insult, which was proposed by the Montenegrin Government and adopted by Parliament in 2011.