Zelimir Gvardiol

Zelimir Gvardiol is an independent author & researcher, freelancer. He graduated and attained a MA degree in the department of film and TV directing at FAMU in Prague. His investigative documentaries focus on human rights, freedom of expression, social justice, civil liberties and minorities. His documentaries participated in film festivals recognized by AMPAS, BAFTA, EFA and FIAPF from 1991: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bilbao, Chicago, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sarajevo, Sydney, Toronto‚Ķ Human Rights Film Festivals from 1998: Baghdad, Barcelona, Belgrade, Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Prague, Tirana… Projections: Centre Georges Pompidou, Lincoln Center, MoMA. Nominations: CEI, EFA, Prix Europa. Grant Awards: Sundance & Soros Doc. Fund, Bertha Fund, Kodak Grant, Procirep Fund, Medienhilfe, IJAS, OSF, FCS etc.